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Keep your vehicle running at peak performance with regular oil changes and lube services at American Auto, lowest prices guaranteed. Our experts will keep your car, truck or RV in great shape, and we always have exceptional coupons and deals for oil changes and lube services at our New Smyrna Beach, FL auto shop.

When Should I Get an Oil Change?

An oil change is recommended every for every 3,000 miles put on your vehicle (or every three months), unless suggested otherwise by the vehicle’s owner’s manual.

Be sure to check with the owner’s manual or dealership to be sure. It is also acceptable (especially for very new cars) to have an oil change every 4,000 – 6,000 miles; however, you should be concerned about your warranty and keeping up with routine maintenance services.

How Do You Know You Need an Oil Change?

  • If the oil is gritty or black or the level is low
  • If check engine light won’t go off
  • If your engine sounds noisy
  • If you don’t know when it was changed last (or don’t remember)

At American Auto Tires & Service we provide regular check ups and preventative maintenance, prolonging the life and quality drive of your vehicle. We also conduct repairs and replacements on tires, engines, brakes systems, transmission, and more. Tour Our Shop.

We’re not just an oil change and lube center, and although our specialty lies in new and used tires and rotation and alignment services, we have a holistic approach to giving your automobile the quality maintenance it deserves.

Your safety and the life of your vehicle are important to us. Although an oil change and lube service may seem like a menial routine service, even one some could do themselves, we take the steps to make sure no facet of your oil change is rushed or missed, and that the general health and safety of your automobile is in good standing.

If you express problems with your car, truck or RV, just inquire during your regular oil change service: We know automobiles and can evaluate and/or prescribe any issues or problems you may be having. While you’re waiting, enjoy the entertainment in our comfortable lounge.

At American Auto, we feature quality Castrol Syntec motor oil products. Contact us today to schedule or next oil change at our lube center, or just stop by the shop!